PNFIT Diwali Sale
PNFIT Diwali Sale
PNFIT Diwali Sale
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Saver Packs

Shredder Stack

₹7,123.00 ₹9,497.00   (25% OFF)

115 reviews

Isolate + BCAA + Supershred + Free Sipper

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Gains Stack

₹7,535.00 ₹10,047.00   (25% OFF)

108 reviews

Raging Bulk + Whey + Raging lion + PB + Free Sipper

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Super Saver Pack

₹12,521.00 ₹16,694.00   (25% OFF)

135 reviews

Super shred + whey protein 2kg + BCAA+ Ashwagandha + NX + TX + Free Sipper

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Resolution Stack

₹7,721.00 ₹10,295.00   (25% OFF)

108 reviews

Super Shred + NX + whey protein 1 kg + BCAA + Free Sipper

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All products are build with help of atheletes to bring out YOUR top performance in every FIELD


All our products are based ON EXTENSIVE scientific research and clinical studies.


Our ingredients are internationally sourced, products are manufactured in FDA Approved, and GMP certified facilities where we ensure highest quality standards.


We don’t believe in hypes, nor should you. At Pro Nutrition we work to deliver formulations which are effective and scientific.

*** Valentine's Day Offer on This Month Extra 20% Off on all PNFIT Products
Our Top Selling


Whey Protein With Digezyme 24gm Protein

₹2849 ₹3799   (26% OFF)

127 reviews
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Raging Lion - Energy, Stamina & Strength Booster

₹1874 ₹2499.00   (26% OFF)

200 reviews
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Super Shred - Advance Fat Burner Supplement

₹1349 ₹1799.00   (26% OFF)

140 reviews
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100% Whey Protein Isolate With Digezyme

₹3899 ₹5199   (26% OFF)

134 reviews
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Bcaa's - With Coconut Water & Electrolytes

₹1874 ₹2499.00   (26% OFF)

189 reviews
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Raging Bulk - Weight Gainer 3kg

₹2475 ₹3300   (25% OFF)

227 reviews
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Liver Support + Milk Thistle

₹1649 ₹2199   (26% OFF)

155 reviews
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Peanut Butter

₹337 ₹449   (25% OFF)

127 reviews
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Meet the pro's

Rooted in a good cause

While we strive to provide best products to consumer, we are rooted to sustainable manufacturing for environment conservation and sponsor a meal for each product sold on our website.

Our story, our PNFIT

PNFIT was born of the radical belief that there is a deep connection between delicious plant-based superfoods and improving the quality of one's life.

Watch Our Story

This April fool’s day trick your brain to achieve your fitness goals.

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7 Workouts to Help You Gain Muscle(weight)

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How to stay fit in times of covid-19

The lives of millions has been disrupted due to COVID-19. Though the lockdown curbs have been eased out, but fear of Covid has kept lot of people away from gym’s, sports and other physical activities

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