Free and Fun Ways to Improve Your Fitness


Imagine yourself in the gym or anywhere doing exercise? How do you see yourself? Are you having fun while doing the exercises or are you just repeating the same reps and exercises just like a robot?

Doing it just like a machine means you’re thinking of it as hard work. If you had fun, however, in the gym then there would be no pain of exercising and it’s seen as something more enjoyable and that can give better results.

There's a lot to say about this topic. Who doesn't love it when they can do something out of the ordinary and still get results? Fun workouts also tend to be more effective for some of us since we're going to work up quite a sweat while having fun.

I'll be honest - personally, I don't like working out but my solution is to make it fun. So here are some examples that might get you thinking about incorporating fun into your workout routine:

Involve your best friend -
You and I both know you aren’t going to get into a sweat-fest on your own. You need someone to hold you accountable to your workout routine. When you’re tempted to skip a morning run, send yourself a text alerting you that your buddy will be waiting for you at the park.
Having this external motivation is sure to make your workout much more enjoyable.

Listen to your favorite audio-books and podcasts -
If there’s one thing that can make exercising easier, it’s listening to audiobooks and podcasts. You will have something to concentrate on other than the pain of exercising, plus you won’t be wondering what you’ll do when you get stuck at the end of a sentence in your novel.

Go Exploring: If walking is the activity that you love doing to make yourself fit then why not to make it interesting? Yes you heard it right, So here what you're gonna do “ pin down the places that you want to explore near to your home and explore them with your friend or you can hit the road all by yourself with your dog. So just hit the road and explore your surroundings. You never know you would be finding something new. So get out and explore and be fit.

Try Jumping Rope: Sick of running on the treadmill? Try skipping. It’s the ultimate calorie blaster, burning tons of calories in a short amount of time. It also puts less impact on your joints than jogging. And also when you skip, your body moves in a circular motion around a stationary point, this makes it a very interesting and fun filled exercise.

Dance like nobody's watching: Dance is the joy of the moment and heart of life, there’s nothing like a good dance to get your blood pumping. The best thing about dancing is that you don’t need any equipment’s just some good music, and space for you to move around. So Keep your moves upbeat and your pace fast.

Turn on Music: “Silence doesn’t always mean peace and quiet sometimes it can mean boredom”. Listening to music while working out not only helps you to burn more calories, it can also help to improve your exercise performance. Music distracts you from your tiredness, gives your workout routine a purpose and meaning. Plus, research shows that people who work out to music tend to stick with their exercise program longer than those who don’t. In other words, music can help you lose weight faster and keep it off.

Cartwheel: Are you currently exercising regularly but are looking for a fun way to break up your routine? Maybe you’re just looking for a new, healthy activity to try this weekend. Whatever your reason is, I think cartwheels will fit in nicely into your life and schedule. Cartwheels are a great way to stretch and strengthen your stomach muscles, work out your entire body at once, and leave you feeling refreshed and energized, all in one go.

Take the stairs: The human body is a machine, and like any other machine it benefits from regular maintenance and exercise. It may not seem like taking the stairs instead of riding an escalator, elevator or lift at the mall or office building is much of a workout. However, you can fit a surprising amount of activity into every day by taking the stairs whenever they are an option. They can burn 50-70 percent more calories than doing the same activity on a flat surface

Practice Yoga: "Yoga is a perfect year-round activity; the only equipment you need is a fitness mat, which is available at all sports shops. Yoga is also great for improving stamina and building strength, so you can continue playing sport or keeping fit even when your schedule is hectic. However if this is your first time then you can take some help from our previous post Yoga poses to try at Home.
We have given simple and detailed information about yoga poses that every beginner can do at home.

Cycling : Everybody loves fun! So I'm sure you love this too. Here's a great exercise to spice up your usual workout routines. You might consider getting a bike and ride and pedal it every morning or evening.
Don't worry if you're not an expert at mountain biking or biking with all those gears and breaks.
Just hop on and use this as an excuse to explore your area, meet new friends, or simply enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities.

Turn Chores into Workout: Burning fat and losing weight is a holy grail for many people who want to shed the excess inches. While there is no miracle pill to help you lose fat, you can follow some tweaks in your daily routine to make it happen.
By Tackling your chores and burning calories at the same time, you can kill two birds with one stone! You can add household chores into your workout regime. Turn on the music and enjoy doing routine tasks like sweeping, mopping, and even washing the dishes to burn your calories. You can add dusting surfaces and washing the balconies and bathroom to your cleaning routine for a longer and more intensive workout.

Wrap up - This is our way to make the fitness routine quite fun, if you have something that can add more fun in this routine then we would love to know. Please drop your suggestions in the comments section.

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